Why to Learn Sanskrit?

To understand Indian culture, we need to know the language that protects it. If we knock down our roots, we endanger the tree. Knowledge is not only about the Vedas, but also about Up-Veda, the six philosophical systems, the Puranas, Itihaasas (epics) contained in Sanskrit.

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The concept of zero and the metric system originated in India. Modern scientists have used these concepts to create many new things and to cross new horizons. But our old Sanskrit texts speak of more advanced things that can only be dreamed of by our modern scholars.

The arena of mental strength must also be well understood by modern scientists. Our Sanskrit text contains all the science about it. Based on the sound, someone can send an arrow to their mark.

This requires concentration. In the West, they get extraordinary results every time they focus on objective science. But their request is external. Sunlight can burn paper if it is concentrated through a magnifying glass. In the same way, the rays of the mind, when concentrated and mental, can reveal another world that has not been explored yet.

By studying Sanskrit texts, we can learn many things that can bring objective and subjective knowledge far beyond the present circumstances. To understand old texts correctly, you must know Sanskrit.