Why Do We Use Blister Packaging

When I first heard of blister packaging I didn't know what it was. I thought it was when you had blisters on your hands or feet and I assumed that the packaging was the band-aid that you would put over the blister. There are many firms like JP Packaging that provide custom blister packaging services.

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I decided to do some research and I googled "blister packaging". I then found out that I was completely wrong when it came to what blister packaging was. Blister packaging is plastic that is formed to hold whatever the product is inside then it has a blister card on the back that is usually the paper board of some kind of a cold form foil.

Many of the backs are pushed through so you can push through the foil to get the product out. Or there is usually some kind of card on that back and then the plastic on the front that holds the product which has some kind of pre-formed plastic bubble. 

As I was looking more into it I realized that I use and see blister packaging daily. One of the most common blister packages is for a pharmaceutical product. 

This is done because it lengthens the shelf life of the product. Another huge reason is it makes it so the product can not be tampered with and if it has you do not want to buy it. You always want to make sure that it has a form fill seal. 

Anything that does not could have been tampered with and then you can not trust the product because someone could have done something bad to it.