What role does running footwear play in running injuries?

The relationship involving the buying of the perfect running shoe and getting a running overuse injury is a contentious topic. There are passionately held beliefs for both sides of this issue and there's not a lot of evidence to help solve the debate. The assumption is that an athlete needs the correct running shoe for their running technique to avoid an excessive use injury from happening, so if an unacceptable shoe is used there's an raised risk for an overuse injury. Nevertheless, the actual evidence which backs up that commonly used content is simply not generally there leading to the viewpoints and discussions about this topic. The running footwear marketplace is really worth many billion dollars and as much as fifty percent or maybe more athletes may get an injury every year, hence a lot is at stake with this debate.

During a recent episode of the podiatrist's livestream, PodChatLive the show's hosts talked with the athlete and also podiatrist Michael Nitschke concerning this issue and what function, generally does the running shoe play in overuse injury. They also especially talked about a fresh shoe from Nike that they claim will reduce the overuse injury rate. You can find some Nike funded investigation that supports this claim, but that research has not yet been released leading to a lot of supposition and further more fuelling the controversy about this concern. The PodChatLive was invaluable simply because it considered all the issues without taking one side or some other. The two hosts and Michael Nitschke are all runners themselves and still have to produce options not only for which running shoes they are likely to run in but also make recommendations for their patients that they see with clinical problems. This will have to be completed in the context of the skepticism with all the proof that underpins the choice and use of running footwear. Mainly, they feel that comfort is among the most essential aspect to think about when making conclusions regarding athletic shoes.