What Makes A Good Facial Serum?

There are so many components to healthy skin, and natural skin care products but rarely are they shared for the consumer to fully understand. It is up to them to trust the seller, the product and what it claims it will be.

If you want an illuminating facial serum you can trust, you have come to the right place to learn more about finding it. A good facial serum is organic, totally natural and free of photo-toxic oils, additives, allergens and unlisted ingredients. 

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Organic facial serums are a better choice because your skin absorbs to a certain degree all that it comes in contact with. The oils and butters should be specifically chosen to absorb rapidly into the skin which is why the organic difference is so important. 

All natural ingredients matter for the same reason. You do not want to toxify your body and that starts with your skin, the body's largest and least understood organ. 

The strength of the skin is paramount because it serves so many functions-ridding our bodies of toxins, absorbing vitamin D and nutrients, protecting us from invaders and even breathing. 

Unnatural or "natural" fillers that are not time tested should be carefully researched before applying to the skin. Applying creams and serums carelessly will tax the skin with overwork.

Photo-toxic oils are very dangerous for all skin types when they are worn in the sun, but fairer skin types will suffer the most damage. 

We do not want our skin to ripen and this is why a good quality facial serum will not contain photo-toxic oils. Additives, allergens and unlisted ingredients are commonly put into natural beauty care products for the producer's benefit and not the person buying it.