What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA or Fulfillment By Amazon is a program created by Amazon that allows you to use Amazon to store and then ship your items. Amazon FBA is very simple, but very powerful at the same time, and can take your business to the next level at a very low cost. You can now get fulfillment by Amazon warehouse software to manage your inventory. 

Amazon FBA Rollups & Aggregators

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You go home and scan or list items as usual on your Amazon sales account and a few clicks later print out some barcodes which you need to paste on the item's original barcode (Yes, items must have a barcode or be listed on the Amazon site). 

A few more clicks and you print the shipping note that went into the box or boxes. Then book a pick up with the operator and it depends on where you live and how you pay for it – every country is different.

Then complete the order and wait for the order to be picked up and within a few days your item will be in the Amazon warehouse for sale at your place and you can sit back and collect the money. Amazon FBA handles payments, shipping and emails to customers, all you have to do is get more shares and collect money from the bank.

Yes, there are some extra fees that Amazon does, but these are small and the postage savings are great – remember that you take advantage of Amazon's buying power and no more queues at the post office and no more buying bubbles and boxes.