What Are The Requirements For An Australian Student Visa?

As international students studying in Australia, the Australian immigration department requires that you meet certain requirements before your visa will be granted. In this article, we summarize these requirements for you and provide an easy-to-read list of everything that you need to know about Australian student visas.

A student and graduate visa are one of the most common types of visa that Australians apply for. The requirements include a curriculum vitae, letter of offer, visa fee, and bank statement to show that you have enough funds to support yourself while in Australia. If you are applying for an Australian student visa then you will need to apply once before arriving in Australia as well as pay the application fee when applying.

Australian Student Visa

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The most common type of visa is a Subclass 820 student visa. This allows students who are seeking to study in Australia to enter and stay in the country, while they undertake their studies. The visa also allows students to travel outside of the country on holidays and weekends.

An Australian student visa provides students with the right to study in Australia on a temporary basis. It is important to understand what documents are required for your visa as they can vary depending on your nationality and intended course of study. All Visas require evidence of financial support such as enough funds for tuition fees and living expenses, or money equivalent in the form of a bank guarantee.

What are the requirements for an Australian student visa? An international student must hold an Australian citizen sponsor, submit a completed application, provide your passport, and have valid documents for travel.