Things You Should Know About 3MMC

This finding relates to drug-assisted catinone therapy methods, in particular those using 3-methylmetchatinone (3-MMC). The findings also relate to a kit consisting of 3-MMC for use in treating individuals undergoing psychotherapy intervention. 

In particular, methods and kits are provided for drug psychotherapy that uses 3-MMC for a variety of disorders and/or conditions, including PTSD, GAD, and connection problems. You can also buy 3 MMC through various online sites.


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These findings relate to drug-assisted psychotherapy methods, in particular, those using 3-methylmetcatinone (3-MMC).

Traditional psychotherapy or counseling is relatively ineffective for those most affected by mental or emotional health problems. 

As a result, current “best practice” alternatives to traditional therapy or counseling typically prescribe a wide variety of psychotropic drugs, are often relatively ineffective and unpleasant, and even have dangerous side effects.

Drug-assisted psychotherapy is a relatively new branch of psychiatry that combines the benefits of medication and psychological treatments to synergistically enhance mutual effects. 

One aspect of this interaction appears to be that drug therapy improves the patient-therapist relationship, increases patient flexibility, and allows patients to discover and integrate new ways of thinking about their situation/dilemma. 

In addition, therapy adherence is a longstanding and difficult problem that can limit the effectiveness of all interventions and is often the most limiting factor in providing long-lasting benefits of psychotherapy. 

Combining pharmacotherapy with interventional psychotherapy can improve adherence to treatment plans.