The Ultimate Guide To Swimming Pool Maintenance

A basic clean-up of your swimming pool consists of cleaning the water, cleaning the vinyl walls, keeping the filters clean, and clearing out the space around your pool. Follow these steps to clean your outdoor swimming pool, an easy job that won't disrupt your summer activities.

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Make sure you skim the surface

Debris accumulates on your pool's surface every day. Cleaning it off will help keep your water sparkling and will allow you to cleanse your pool less often. Attach the skimmer's net to a pole that is telescopic and then sweep it over the pool's surface to get rid of the debris. When the net becomes filthy, shake it on the ground before putting the net back in the pool.

Clean the Walls

The walls of your swimming pool require a scrub to get rid of the dirt, chemical residues, and algae growth. Get that pole back and put the pool brush on it. Make sure you clean the ladder, walls as well as the edges of the pool. Make sure you don't miss the corners that may let algae grow. Brushing is a way to push particles and algal matter into water, making it easier for your pool's chemicals or vacuum to clean.

Vacuum the floor

Attach the vacuum hose and head to the pole telescopic to get rid of debris that has accumulated at the pool's bottom. To get rid of all air out of the process, reduce the vacuum to the lowest point of the pool, and then push the opposite part of the hose into jets.