The Most Famous Things To Do In Tampa

Tampa, the largest city in West Central Florida, has long been a popular vacation spot. Due to its multicultural population, the city has several distinct neighborhoods, each with its own identity. You can also know more about the best things to do in Tampa through various online sources.

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Some of the best things to do in Tampa revolve around downtown and the riverside alleys that are home to museums, theaters, and parks. The city of Ybor is known for its lively bars and nightlife. Below are some of the best things to do in Tampa.

1. Glazer Children's Museum

The Glazer Children's Museum is centrally located along the Tampa River and Curtis Hickson Coastal Park. This is a fantastic museum with an amazing range of interactive exhibits, from art and the human body to science, math, and technology.

The Children's Museum of Color, founded in 1986, is now located in a state-of-the-art center in the Waterfront arts district. In addition to more than 170 exhibitions and practical activities, it offers many fields of study for young people to experiment and participate in.

2. Adventure Island

Apart from the popular Busch Gardens, there's another of the city's best attractions: the island of wild and wet adventure. Twenty-minute drive northeast of downtown, this water park is one of the best places to cool off and splash in the water.

Since opening in 1980, it has been very popular with locals and tourists alike for its many swimming pools and waterslides. The lush tropical theme includes a long lazy river, man-made beach, and wave pool, plus plenty of splash and slide areas.