The Importance Of Onboarding Process For New Employees

The first day of a new job can make you nervous. We were given three centimeters of documents to fill out. We don't know how to log in to our computers or check our voicemail. We don't know what practices and protocols are needed to succeed in a new work environment.

For colorful people entering a workplace devoid of diversity, this feeling of confusion and nervousness can be more acute than it is for white employees. When a company dedicated to attracting a wide variety of talent focuses solely on its hiring strategy and then use an online onboarding software from, the results can be:

o Various candidates may feel that they have been coaxed into using bait tactics. It's not a strategy but a slap to get them to join in and then expect them to blend in as best they can without a well-planned process of directing new employees.

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o New color tenants can spread information about their unfavorable alignments. By asking friends and family how they are doing, new hires can provide negative feedback about the company to those the company is trying to convince to become future employees.

o In the worst case, a new employee may even give up his commitment to work for the company and accept another offer or return to his previous job.

Hire a mentor on the first day for each new rental. The mentor can explain the company culture, meet the right people, and explain protocols and programs. Mentors can also monitor the progress of new leases and provide advice if they get stuck in an area or run into problems.