The Different Types of Window Tinting in Westlake Village

Window tinting is the application of a thin, colored polyester film to a car's windows to block sunlight from heating it. Window tinting is the term used to describe this process. It involves using dark colors, mostly brown and black. 

The majority of the industry is involved in applying films of various colors to windows located in shops, business centers, apartments, and studios as well as other buildings. There are many types of window tinting. Here are some examples.

Ceramic window tints reduce UV rays by up to 80%. These tints are free from dyes that can cause discoloration. Ceramic tints are around 20-25% cheaper than metallic tints that contain dyes. The tints reduce the sun's rays and block heat from entering. In Westlake Village, if you want to get ceramic car window tinting services, then you can visit

ceramic window tinting

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There are also security films in the market that can withstand the impact of bullets and bomb blasts. These films are made of heavy-gauge plastics that prevent the glass from shattering. These films can also be used in hurricane and cyclone situations to keep the glass safe. These tints are used by ministers and VIPs in their cars.

Many offices and homes have privacy window tints. These tints are preferred by everyone to protect their privacy. These tints can make glass transparent or opaque from one side. Silvering allows people sitting inside the office to see outside activities. These tints are very popular as they offer privacy at a low price. A privacy tint transforms glass into a one-sided mirror.

Window tints can be useful and offer many benefits, but they are also used illegally for crimes such as selling drugs, hooking up with tinted cars, and committing rapes and murders. There are laws that only allow tints with certain Visible Light Transmission (VLT) to be used.