The Best Alternative To Time Consuming Production Meetings

So you've managed to get your team to show up on time. Now all you have to do is pack it up in a stuffy room for one of those scary production meetings.

Between handing out the meeting outline and waiting for everyone to be found, you've probably lost half an hour … which also means you're a little behind schedule and just spending a fortune on that basically, musical chair game. Welcome to the world of third-grade teachers.

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Production meetings are a forum where ideas are exchanged, given feedback, assigned tasks, and established guidelines. Unfortunately, production meetings also consist of several or more people, each with their own workload and agenda.

If you are not the former head of the United Nations, your production meeting will likely soon become a trading venue on the NASDAQ because of your moderation skills.

Collaboration software was developed to fix flaws in project management that didn't have the dreaded production meeting. When opening a meeting for comments and suggestions, collaboration software offers power and clarity.

Simply create a discussion, a "thought cycle", where users have the opportunity to post their ideas and comment on others in an organized manner. Innovations in the software as a collaborative software service phenomenon further simplify production meetings:

Simple file sharing – "File Sharing"

Since all files and messages are shared on the intranet, a network of personal computers, the information in this shared online workspace can be easily shared and distributed.

Easy participation in group discussions – "Centralized Communication"

Emails with Bcc and Cc are reduced to easily accessible posts on bulletin boards. As an added bonus, the collaboration software offers mobile device access to the intranet and information stored on it from anywhere in the world.