The 2022 NordicTrack S22i Features A Forward Facing 30 Watt Audio System

NordicTrack released a handful of new fitness products in 2022 including the new S22i studio cycle. Instead of raising the price of the NordicTrack S22i 2022 model, iFit chose to reduce the price of the previous year's model while keeping the new bike's price at $1,999 plus tax. While the new models are largely the same as we've seen in previous years, there are several notable upgrades found on the 2022 version of NordicTrack's most popular exercise bike.

A major complaint among iFit users was the lack of a high quality speaker system on the older equipment. Even though the old version of the NordicTrack S22i studio cycle had Bluetooth connectivity, the speakers pointed in the opposite direction from the rider. This made the speakers sound muffled from the perspective of the person who was riding the exercise bike. NordicTrack's parent company, iFit, corrected this design flaw on the 2022 S22i exercise bike by pointing the speakers forward this time around. The team also beefed up the amplifier to produce 30 watts of continuous power to the speakers, which is greater power offered on the Peloton Bike+ audio system.

TailHappyTV points out this forward facing speaker system may come at the expense of a smaller fan for cooling the rider down. The previous version of this bike had a much larger surface area for the fan to blow wind onto the rider, while the NordicTrack S22i 2022 model has a smaller fan vent area. The beefed up audio system isn't the only change to the new 2022 S22i studio cycle, the bike also features new dual sided pedals, a new color scheme, as well as improvements to the incline and decline motors. More information about the changes to the NordicTrack S22i 2022 exercise bike can be read on TailHappyTV website or watched on the accompanying YouTube channel.