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The Loft Bed Offers A Choice of Stylish Bedrooms

Recently, loft beds have become very popular with children, adolescents and young adults. One of the main reasons is the space-saving quality. In fact, the roof of the bed was used in the early history of the bed when the house was very small. 

A sleeping platform is placed on a post in a portion of the living room. Daily activities take place in the family bedroom. The reasons for choosing a captain's bed today are almost the same to expand your storage space. You can use the space under the sleeping area for play, relaxation, study, or storage.

This Triple Bunk Bed Was Designed With Storage And Stairs

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You will be amazed if you look for loft beds in different styles. You can find them made from various types of wood or metal. The designs can be fantastic, contemporary, traditional, sophisticated or simple. They are available in a wide variety of sizes from single size to king size. They come finished or unfinished, but assembly is usually required.

When choosing a cot, you should check the safety standards based on the height. Loft beds are not recommended for children under 6 years of age. This platform requires protection rails on both sides of the bed, even if one side is next to the wall. 

The mattress should be more than 3½ inches from the guardrail on either side. The attic requires a ladder that is firmly attached when installed. Loft beds for kids come in lots of fun designs. 

You want to involve your child in choosing a bed that suits their personality and interests. You can choose from themed beds, tent beds and quirky bedside bunk beds with slides and various built-in elements under the sleeping area. 

You can also order the platform and customize the bottom area to your liking. Children make their own play area. Teens usually create their own space to study and relax.