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Lawn Core Aeration – Things You Need To Know

You must have wondered once how come the golf course or the parks close to your house have such amazing green lush all over it whereas your lawn has nothing similar to that.

Well, whenever you see such a widespread green course, you need to understand that it is a result of upgraded lawn maintenance. You can also get lawn aeration services by visiting https://www.2brotherslandscaping.com/.

The proper professional standard of maintenance includes mowing, feeding, aerating, and weeding. You need to start the process by calling up the professionals associated with mowing and expect to get a picture-perfect green lawn at the end of it.

However, it can prove to be tricky to understand exactly when you need to opt for such specialized services as lawn aeration.

What Are the Significant Issues with the Lawn?

It all depends on the compact soil rate. According to the experts, the more the soil of your lawn is compacted, the more frequently you need to go for the aeration. There are mainly two reasons that can increase the rate of compacted soil formation.

Excessive foot traffic is one of the primary reasons. Similarly, when a mower is run on the lawn, the pressure coming from the weight of the vehicle can often cause the problem of compacted soil.

Such type of soil squeezes the grassroots, making it look rough. If the aeration is not done in the proper time, the grass on your lawn starts appearing thinner than it is.