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How to Install a Golf Simulator

You have finally decided to purchase a golf simulator for home. You can have a golf simulator installed in your home by most companies. 

Here is a common installation procedure for your golf simulator. You should know that not all simulators work the same so you might need to make some adjustments. This can be done by reading the manual. You can also purchase a home golf simulator & up your game.

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A large room is essential, at least 5 x 7 meters. While not all simulators need this much space, most require ample space for play. It doesn't have to take up so much of your space. 

Instead, consider it as if you could use it as a home theater for watching movies or other entertainment. To prevent the ball from flying everywhere, make sure you have enough enclosures to protect your room.

After you have completed the enclosure, you will be able to set up the computer system. It should be near the player, but not interfere with gameplay. It should be attached to the wall directly in front of the player.

It is important to keep it away from the ball as direct impacts can cause serious damage to the computer's screen. To record swing paths and other technical details, you will need some sensors. It can be mounted on or near the enclosure's roof depending on what type of sensor it is.

An optional projector can be mounted at the roof's extreme end. It can be adjusted to adjust the screen size or the projecting angle. This projector will connect to your computer to project the golf course image using the simulator software.