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Different Childrens Blackout Curtains You Should Consider

Children's blackout curtains are some of the most popular of all kids bedroom decorations you can go for. However, if you wish to have children blackout curtains inspired by certain characters then check out this list. Also, you will get to find matching kids curtains that would be just good enough for you to beautify your kids bedroom with. Here are the top 5 themes you can choose from.

Disney Cars Carriage Blackout Curtains as seen at childrens space. This is a great theme for kids because this one depicts the carriages used by Disney characters such as the Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and the Minnie. The curtains will definitely add to the ambiance of your kid's bedroom, especially if you go for the Disney Cars carriages pattern. To complete the look, you can also have some Disney Cars posters printed on the blackout curtains. Just make sure that the curtains you choose do not have any pictures of animals on them.

Star Wars Curtains The black colored curtain will definitely add the perfect finishing touch to your room. You can use it in two different ways. One way is by having the star wars insignia printed on it or you can also add some decorative pillows and beanbags as the embellishments on it. The most important thing about this theme is that it is something that kids love and would love to live with every time they are in their room.

Back to the theme, this one is for the little boys and girls. You can find this theme in baby boy bedding. In the baby girl's room, you can use pink curtains and in the little boy's room it is blue. This is also a safe theme because there are no animals involved. There are only cute designs to decorate the baby's room with and that is why you can feel assured that your child is safe.

Disney Carrots This is also another very popular theme among children blackout curtains. You can use the traditional orange and red colors for the child's room but you can also try something else and use carrots as the accent colors. Try to think of all the wonderful things that the carrot has and that can include orange, red, yellow and green. This would definitely add some zest to the room.

Spiderman Curtains Do you know how cool this theme is? It is mostly used by little kids when they want to create a superhero theme in their bedroom. You can try to make this work in your child's room by using the traditional black and white Spiderman pictures that you can find online. You can use this in their room when they are sleeping in the crib or when they are young, you can even put them up as curtains. If you want to teach your child good habits at bedtime, this is a great choice of curtains for your child's room.