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A Selection Of Top Class Jamaica Tours

International travelers love Jamaica as a paradise island. While some prefer to relax on the white sandy beaches, others enjoy the bars and nightlife. 

An organized guided tour is the best way to experience authentic Jamaica. You can also look for Jamaica tours and excursions online. If you are thinking of staying in a luxury Jamaica hotel, this article will provide some options.

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Winter Fresh Fishing:

Local generations have passed on the art of catching fresh and tasty fish. Many anglers still set out from the island every day on their boats. Duke invites tourists along on his fishing trip to the Negril coast. Anyone who spends a few days in a Jamaican luxury hotel should not miss this opportunity.

Canopy Tour:

The tour begins with a stroll along the Great River. From here, you can see a wide range of animal and plant species. Soon you will be strapping into a zipline ride across the plantations. 

You can feel free to let out an oddly excited scream as you zip along at speeds of over 30 mph. After that, it's back home to your Jamaica luxury hotel where you can enjoy a relaxing meal while talking about your amazing forest experience.

Falmouth Highlight and Shopping Tour:

The chance to visit a magnificent 18th-century courthouse is sure to excite history buffs. After you've learned all about this magnificent residence, it's time to shop at the local mall. 

Then it's time to visit the breathtaking river, the Martha Brae. You'll see some beautiful water birds if you stay awhile.