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Basement Water Infiltration Problems

It is impossible for a home inspector to determine whether the water or moisture penetration will cause problems in the future on the basis of the examination time.

As a home buyer, we must obtain a sworn statement from the seller detailing the frequency and severity of water infiltration that has happened in the past. You can also read 'the consequences of water infiltration' (also known as 'Les consquences de infiltration deau' in the French language) so that you can better deal with it.

Most problems basement leakage is a result of sufficient control of stormwater on the surface.

The land around the home should be sloped to encourage the flow of water away from the foundation.

The downspouts  and gutters should act to collect drain water and  roof at least five (5) feet of the foundation or be a functional storm sewer

 Downspouts are clogged or cracked under grade level, or discharge is too close to the foundation, is the common source of leaks in the basement.

In the case of the basement leakage problems experienced, lots and roof drainage repairs should be done as a first step.

Please beware of contractors who recommend an expensive solution. Excavation, damp-proofing, and/or installation of tile drainage may be required.

If the soil around the foundation is saturated, excess water will find its way into the basement through cracks in walls and floors, or by seeping through the walls untreated.

Make sure the soil is considered far from the walls of the basement with a rate of about half an inch per foot slope.