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Tips For LMS Implementation

Implementing an LMS is no mean task. In fact, a slight distraction in the LMS implementation process can even make your decision on selecting the LMS look wrong. 

LMS discussion centers are aimed to ensure successful implementation of a new learning management system or enhancement of a current LMS to help you to improve your learning experience.

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You need to have your homework done ahead of time so as to make the implementation process as trouble-free as possible.

Below are a few things you definitely need to take care of:

1. Create a team and an owner of the implementation: Early on, it is very important to clearly define a team for the configuration and implementation of the LMS. 

2. Get top management buy-in: It is critical that the top management is well aware of all the ongoing activities with respect to the LMS; after all, they are the ones controlling the buck. 

3. Get stakeholder buy-in: Stakeholders are the individuals and groups who will affect and, in turn, will be affected by the LMS. 

4. Arrange for IT support: This may not be fully applicable for a hosted LMS, but for an LMS that is deployed behind the firewall, it is important to have excellent technical support from the IT department throughout and post the implementation. 

5. Deploy adequate resources: Your need to have a buffer assigned in terms of people, time & infrastructure. 

The above activities are internal to the customer organization, support at this stage would also ensure a faster implementation with fewer problems and issues. It's a win-win for all.