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A Quick Guide To Digital Image Forensics

Digital image forensics is a branch of digital forensics. Also known as forensic image analysis, the discipline focuses on image authenticity and image content. This helps law enforcement leverage relevant data for prosecution in a wide range of criminal cases, not limited to cybercrime. For the authenticity of image and videos, experts use image authentication software. If you want to know more about video enhancement software via https://cognitech.com/cognitech-video-investigator-64/.

image authentication software

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How is digital image forensics performed?

Digital image forensics is performed on local machines and can be used in both open and closed source investigations. It’s a highly sophisticated field of investigation which requires several software applications and specialist training.

The scope of digital image forensics is so wide-reaching because digital imagery is data-rich, by comparison, to film photography. Using a variety of techniques, digital image forensics investigators can mine everything from camera properties to individual pixels for information.

What are the different types of digital image evidence?

A huge variety of digital evidence can be gleaned from a single image. These evidence forms can be split into two main groups which are used to complement one another:

Image Authenticity Evidence

  • Pixel data (e.g. colour information)
  • Metadata (e.g. descriptive, structural, administrative, reference, statistical)
  • Exif data (e.g. digital camera model, shutter speed, focal length)

Image Content Evidence

  • Landmarks (e.g. apartment blocks, churches, schools)
  • Visible languages (e.g. shops, road signs, road markings)
  • Topography (e.g. hills, mountains, waterfalls)
  • Street furniture (e.g. bollards, benches, bins)