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Explanation Of Prescription Lenses

A prescription is only written for those patients who require lenses. This recommendation is then used to make a pair of prescription lenses for the patient. These lenses which are designed to correct your personal vision defects are prescription lenses.

The prescription indicates the lens parameters; what exactly is needed in the lens to correct the patient's vision. Conditions of both eyes also include and focus on points such as refractive errors and near and far vision. You can also buy the best HP Reverb G2 prescription lenses via https://www.vr-wave.store/products/hp-reverb-g2-lenses.

It is also important to include the physical structure of the eye and the eye in relation to the face. The prescription includes measurements such as the distance between the patient's pupil and the distance between the patient's cornea and lens.

Recipes are written in the form of diagrammatic notes. The use of optical terms makes it difficult for most patients to read and understand. Some of the abbreviations are listed below.

OD stand – Oculus dexter (right eye)

OS – Oculus spooky (left eye)

SPH – Sphere (horizontal curvature of the eye, which determines what lens power is required)

CYL – List of cylinders (vertical curvature of the eyepiece)

PRISM – (a measurement used more often in complex recipes)

ADD – (Measurement used to prescribe a bifocal lens. Indicates the power required to correct visual defects)

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