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Better To Know About Exhaust System

It’s true that cars are complex machines. There are tons of wires, gears, fluids, and other components that all make it possible to keep driving. Indeed, just like the human body, cars have a number of systems working simultaneously to power your car. 

One of the most important systems on any car is the exhaust. The exhaust system like Holden Commodore VE-VF performs two very important functions: it decreases the noise your car makes, and it carries dangerous fumes away from the engine and passengers. 

Exhaust Manifold: This is where your exhaust system gets started. In fact, your car wouldn’t be able to get rid of any fumes without it. In short, the exhaust manifold acts like a vacuum for all the nasty gases your engine emits while running. This prevents fumes, which are very toxic, from seeping into the car’s cabin.

Y Pipe For cars with 6 or more cylinders, the Y pipe is the next destination in the exhaust system. 

Catalytic Converter: You may have heard this term bandied about around the garage. Your catalytic converter is extremely important, and your car is pretty much toast without one. The catalytic converter converts poisonous carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. 

It does this by passing those gases a catalyst of platinum, palladium, rhodium, and other precious metals. If your car sounds louder than usual, like a drag racer, it might be a problem with the catalytic convertor.

Resonator: The resonator isn’t found on every car and isn’t totally necessary. However, if your car does have one, it means it’ll be that much quieter. In other words, the resonator helps dampen the sound of your engine and is often called the “pre-muffler.”