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Afternoon Tea and High Tea in Dubai- Is There a Difference?

It's commonplace to believe it's the case that Afternoon Tea, as well as High Tea, are the same thing. However, they're quite different and that differs is ironic. The idea behind Afternoon Tea was first introduced in 1840, in England in the year 1840 when Anna Russell, the 7th Duchess of Bedford was hungry after the early lunch and the late dinner. 

To combat hunger in the middle of the afternoon, she asked that tea along with bread and butter be delivered to her living room. The Duchess gradually grew accustomed to the routine in the course of time and started inviting her wealthy guests over for the everyday ritual. 

Afternoon tea would be served on tables with low tables in the Duchess's lounge or parlor. For this reason, was called Low Tea. You may also get navigated to https://finediner.co/afternoon-tea-dubai/ to check afternoon tea deals in Dubai.

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High Tea in Dubai, On the contrary, is a more substantial and expensive meal with an origin that is much more humble. When the common people, such as farmers and workers returned home after a long day, they were served an energizing meal after sunset which included cheese, meats bread butter, eggs, butter, and obvious tea to cleanse the palate.

It was not a light meal like Afternoon Tea could have been an option, but rather a complete meal intended to fuel and replenish the body post a hard day of work. 

Afternoon Tea in Dubai was served in the private quarters of the Duchess and High Tea was served at the dining room table, or"the "High Table." Thus, the dinner was known in the form of High Tea.