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Types of Heavy Hauling Trucking

There are lots of kinds of trucks used in a variety of sectors of society using its extensive number of functions. In order to get a better perspective below are the many sorts of heavy hauling trucks  made for transferring vehicles.


Hook and string hauling trucks would be the most frequent among those types. They're utilized to haul ruined vehicles and cars from the road. Employed by law enforcement force or independently owned self-governing truck businesses, these were utilized regularly to maneuver a car off the road to clean a safe passage to drivers.

Construction companies also use this kind of tractors to move tractors that are broken. These trucks can also be termed sump trucks by several businesses. But now they are less hot as they were before and aren't utilized frequently anymore.


Like the hook and string trucks, a wheel lift truck is currently utilized to haul off broken vehicles off the street. These trucks operate purposely much like the hook and string haul trucks but cause less harm. The differentiation between the two is that rather than using chains that they utilize a metal yoke.

The yoke hooks beneath the front or rear wheels of the automobile to be hauled off. As a vehicle might be hauled, a hydraulic elevator or a pneumatic hoist suspends the front or rear of the automobile from the floor. This effectively prevents damage to the load.


Moving automobiles from a station or from a hole, occasionally, cannot be carried out by a transporting procedure. Boom trucks fix that issue, as they employ lifts plenty piled. It can lift tons and can be used for pulling vehicles.