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Things You Should Follow For Your Hammertoes

An abnormal bend in the toe joint is known as hammertoe. The joints become locked in place and the condition becomes worse for the person due to bent toes and rigid joints which leads to extreme pain at the top of the bent toe. For more information about your hammertoes treatment, you can also visit: www.familypodiatryofmd.com/locations/towson/

Hammertoes - Family Podiatry of Maryland

Following are the treatment options:-

1) If the joints are still flexible, then without surgery treatment can be possible. Consult your podiatrist for treatment.

2) Your podiatrist will try to straighten your toes and provide extra support.

3) Exercising and massaging your toe muscles will help.

4) Hammertoe/corn pads can help to reduce your toes pressure.

5) You can try taking anti-inflammatory medication to reduce swelling of the toe joint.

6) Avoid high heels above 2 inches.

7) If your toes are not in a position to bend, they should go for surgery

8) To prevent a child’s hammertoe, check his shoe’s fit and avoid wearing shoes that don’t fit well.

There could be a risk of infection with hammertoes surgery. To avoid surgery, there are several approaches to relieve hammer toes’ pain.

There are many things to consider by your doctor or physician before surgery. Surgery may be necessary for your hammertoe treatment if the above-given treatments haven’t worked for you.