Steps to Choose the Best Dog Bones for Aggressive Chewers

Chewing is a perfect behavior for adult dogs and puppies too. It helps to keep your dog healthy. There are so many health benefits of chewing. If your dog is an aggressive chewer, you're probably already aware of its amazing ability to destroy any object in seconds. So, if you want to prevent your pet from turning other household items into chew toys. It is important to buy the best dog bones for aggressive chewers. You can get a variety of options online through various sources.

There are some important things that you have to keep in your mind before buying the dog bones:

  • Firstly check out which one of these best describes your dog – Inhaler, Destroyer, and Nibbler.
  • Inhalers bite off large chunks of edible chews and swallow them.
  • Destroyers are the dogs that try to thoroughly destroy whatever they get their mouths on! They can swallow whatever they destroy, so before buying the bone always be careful.
  • Nibblers are the lovers, not fighters. They take their time and savor their chews and toys slowly.
  • Also, check out the hardness of the bone. Before buying it apply the thumbnail test. If the toy doesn't “give” a little bit when you press it with your thumbnail, then it's too hard for your dog and could break their teeth.
  • Check out the softness of the bones. It should not be so soft or poorly-constructed that your dog will be able to chew it apart and swallow pieces, chunks, or the stuffing inside.