Short-Term Solutions to Accessibility

Traditional homes don't have accessibility in mind. Your home's entrance will likely have a set of steps. While your bathroom's bathtub/shower combination has a high step up and down, it also has a set. This can make it difficult for people with mobility issues. If you need to find last-minute solutions for your home and the unexpected happens, you may not know where you should go.

Perhaps a family member is returning home from the hospital, and you need temporary assistance. Or maybe you are in the middle of a bathroom renovation that requires quick fixes. There are quick solutions for any situation.

Some temporary solutions are:

1) Portable Showers

It can be difficult to get in and out of a bathtub or shower, especially if it is located on a lower level than the rest of the house. Provisory disabled shower can be used for temporary purposes or when renovations are not possible. These units are lightweight and easy to set up and tear down. 

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2) Portable Wheelchair Lift

A portable wheelchair lift may be the best temporary solution if your front door has stairs. This portable lift has a lifting height of up to 52 inches and can be used in places that are not accessible by stairs. The portable lifts are simple to use. Simply roll the lift in place, retract the wheels or take them out, then plug it in. These lifts can be moved easily if there is a change of living area or the lift is required elsewhere.