Reasons To Invest In Sports Sponsorship in the UK

Sports sponsorship and endorsement is rampant in today’s context. The mutual benefits that sponsors and beneficiaries can reap from sponsorship are tremendous. The sponsorship also increased the company’s brand equity and public awareness.

Therefore, sports sponsorship can be seen as a good avenue for investment and is projected to experience steady growth in both the amount of money invested in sports sponsorship and also the revenue generated for the sponsors. It as a channel that offers more benefits, more variety, and a more powerful form of marketing.

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Here are seven reasons why sports sponsorship should be used in a brand marketing strategy.

1. It builds brand awareness

A brand can leverage marketing benefits from a sports team, athlete, or event. These sponsorship opportunities are highly visible, offering exposure to millions of consumers. Brands can drive marketing by getting the brand name, logo, and mission in fans when most engaged in sports.

2. It drives excitement around the brand, its products, and services

Sports excite consumers. Pile onto the excitement by partnering with an athlete, team, or event to put the brand and mission in the heart of the exciting conversation.

3. It increases product or service sales

Sport teams, stadiums, sports events, and athletes all directly drive sales. It can be accomplished as simply as giving the brand the benefit of having a concession stand in the stadium, a booth at an event, or using athletes to promote a Kickstarter / Indiegogo / Amazon / E-commerce campaigns.

4. Market an expansion to new geography. 

When expanding into new geography, what better way to announce a brand’s arrival and generate marketing buzz then through a partnership with a minor or major league team, a local sports event, or a local athlete. Field marketing teams love the ability to use athletes on a local level.

5. Market the launch of a new product.

When launching a new product, a brand’s need to drive excitement and awareness through multiple marketing channels to get as much attention and sales as possible.

6. Drive more website views. 

Getting backlinks from an athlete, team, or event websites back to your company website can help drive website traffic. Whether that’s logo placement on the site, a link to an event on a social media feed, or sharing blog content on any of their digital domains.

7. Sell to a new, highly appealing target audience. 

Athletes spend a lot of money on gadgets, services, fashion, and luxury goods. What better way to break into this elite community than getting exposure to a few of them using a sponsorship deal. Word of mouth marketing is huge among athletes — whether through locker room chats on new products or athletes seeing what the other is wearing and using.
It is an essential tool for marketing today and companies generate a significant amount of revenue from this channel. Likewise, events rely heavily on sponsors to sustain their operations and many athletes generate a huge portion of their income from endorsement and sponsorship.
With the proper matching of sponsors and beneficiaries, accompanied by fair expectations from both parties, sports sponsorship and endorsement is beneficial for both parties and that it brings about a positive effect on society.