Paper Towels – The Environment’s Impact

It seems like a great invention to use paper towels. Disposable towels are more convenient than paper towels. They can be washed and reused again. You can just buy new towels and toss the old ones. We may not realize the environmental effects of paper towels.

First, paper towels were invented to protect medical facilities from the spread of germs. These disposable products were not as well-known in the beginning as they are today. But that has changed quickly. Soon paper towels were being used in American households and the waste began to pile up. If you are interested in buying paper towels, you can 'pop over to this site' (also known as ‘g til denne siden’ in the Norwegian language). 

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The Impact of Paper Towels

Like any other paper product, paper towels are made from trees. This means that every time you use a paper towel to clean your countertops and surfaces, you are using the insides of trees. You will likely use thousands to thousands of rolls in your lifetime. This is equivalent to an entire forest. Imagine a forest you have walked through being cut down to make paper towels.

Not Only Trees Are Used for Paper Towels

Paper towels require a lot more resources than trees. To make paper towels, trees must first be grown. They might be grown on a farm or they could just be cut down. This involves heavy machinery that uses fuel and manpower. The trees need to be taken to a processing facility where they can be cleaned and processed.

Reducing your use of disposable paper towels can help the environment and reduce your trash. There are many alternatives to disposable paper towels that are as good or better than the ones you have today. Switch to reusable paper towels today to save money and help the environment.