Latest Trends in Jewelry Gifts That Don’t Go Out of Style

Jewelry is one of the most coveted gifts for both men and women. Since time immemorial, the use of jewelry has transcended other fashion accessories to exude luxury and style. And the more jewelry you have, the better. But somehow overdoing it with other accessories has twisted.

But somehow, going over the top with jewelry and other accessories for that matter has its down-turns. Or a tiered necklace that doesn't match your outfit will make it look old-fashioned. For some women, the more jewelry, the better. But some want it classic and minimalistic; which is still okay overall. So if you're planning to give yourself or a friend some jewelry, you can check out

(1) Go for gold

Yes, gold is still in and expensive. Gold is a precious metal whose value continues to increase over time. However, it is a very good investment and experts recommend buying more gold when the price is still lower. But now the price has doubled compared to a few years ago.

(2) Silver is still in too

Silver is still a popular choice after gold. Cheaper, but still never go out of date. The best silver level is 95.5% and the remaining percentage is alloy specific. Silver jewelry designs have also changed. You will rarely see silver filigree because the design is a bit dated. But if you have one, stick with it because jewelry fashion trends change and can come back.

(3) Anything goes and in-betweens

There's no huge gap between the classic and contemporary jewelry fashion styles in terms of the trends that this accessory had seen for years. There may be some exceptions, particularly on materials such as wooden jewelry which is so out these days. Other materials such as cubic zirconium, resin, and other semi-precious stones have their own following.