Information on protein assay kit

Proteins are one of the four macromolecule building blocks of existence. These are strings of amino acids that fold into hierarchal structures so as to carry out specialized roles within the cells of living organisms. The capability to test proteins using a protein assay is essential for biological research and clinical investigation.

Protein assays are used to evaluate estrogen by monitoring marker proteins which are detected by immunological assays, like enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay or ELISA, or by physicochemical methods. You need a high-quality protein assay kit to get the best results possible.

protein assay kit

The objective of the protein assay would be to ascertain the quantity or concentration of a particular protein or a range of distinct proteins in a sample. This may be the main step ahead of further manipulation within a research and development process, or it may be the last detection measure in a clinical lab as component of a disorder investigation. 

BCA Protein Assay known as bicinchoninic acid protein assay is ready to use detergent formula used for color detection and quantity of overall protein in the sample. This procedure combines the reduction of cuprous ions with protein in an alkaline medium using the highly sensitive colorimetric detection with a special reagent comprising BCA. 

The purple color is formed by the bonding of two molecules of BCA with a single cuprous ion. This technique is the last shade that continues to grow.  After incubation, the speed of continuing color growth becomes slow that permits huge quantities of samples to be assayed together.