Important Safety Tips For Air Compressor

Do you or someone you know own an air compressor? These machines are commonly used in many industries and manufacturing plants, but they can also be found in small businesses and residential homes where they are used for inflating car tires and operating air power tools. You can also buy air compressors via Compressed Air Association of Australia.

Patriot TSP-580V-601 Air Compressor - Made in USA - BendPak

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Many reports receive each year about incidents involving air compressors. They are often due to a lack of regular inspection and maintenance.

Note: The compressor motor and the tank are often referred to as "air compressors". The compressor is technically the motor that compresses the air. It is usually mounted on top or bottom of a horizontal, or vertical air receiver. 

Maintenance and service of the compressor motor are required. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. This article focuses on the pressure vessel in which compressed air is stored.

These are the things to remember if an air compressor is installed in your home or business.

  • Daily drain receiver tank – Compressed air is a natural byproduct. It forms in the tank. To prevent condensation from building up inside the tank, it must be drained frequently. 

  • If water is left untreated in a pressure vessel, it can cause corrosion, early failure, or even catastrophic failure due to a weak tank bottom. A timed auto drain system can be installed to ensure that daily draining occurs automatically.