How To Recycle Plastic Water Bottles

Billions of water bottles are used worldwide every year. A small part of it is captured and recycled as intended. Water bottles are able to be melted down into plastic beads which are then traded to companies that make clothing, carpets, furniture, and more. 

However, plastic recycling centers in Sydney such as are helpful in saving our environment along with keeping the landfill empty. With caution, this option should not result in water bottles ending up in landfills.  In this article, we will show you how to properly recycle plastic water bottles.

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You can be a part of this process by learning how to properly recycle plastic bottles. To ensure that you are recycling single-use bottles properly, follow these simple tips:

Leave the cap:

Oftentimes, when someone thinks about recycling a plastic bottle, they want to remove the cap. In most communities, water bottle caps can only be recycled if they are tightly twisted on the bottle. Individual caps damage the device, sending it to landfills or slowing down production. To prevent this from happening, always replace the cap after drinking water.

Break your bottle:

To crush a water bottle properly, remove the cap, squeeze out all the air, then place the cap over the bottle until it sticks. Due to delayed suction, the bottle remains in its new compact form and leaves more space in the container for other recyclable materials.

No need to rinse:

While bottles, cans, and other glasses need to be rinsed, water bottles do not. While they don't need to be cleaned, they should be emptied and contain no visible liquid.