How To Care For An Abused Animal

Every day the animal shelter took dozens of homeless dogs and cats in the hope of waiting for their forever home. Unfortunately for some that never happened, but there are those lucky people who are saved and their future looks bright. 

If you have made a commitment or are considering adopting a pet from an animal shelter or rescue dog better to take one of the many cats for rehoming, here are some tips and hints on listing in animal rescue and how to care for a rescue dog or cat. 

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• Remember that a rescue dog or cat rescue may have a traumatic background, and you will never know the full extent of the emotional stress that a pet has suffered, so it will always take time and patience to build trust between you and your pet. It will not just happen overnight.

• When you bring a rescue dog or cat house made for your pet area where he can go if they feel (safe zone) unsure or nervous, for example; behind the couch or under a table etc … It is a place where no one could get to pet them and if you feel vulnerable, they know they can always go to this area and secure it. 

• For the first few weeks do not fuss over the rescue dog or cat too much, let your pet settle in, it would be very frightening for your new arrival to be in a different place. Allow your pet to observe you and your family so that he can familiarize themselves with the surroundings and routines. When your pet is ready for nature, he will come to you.

• Keep extra to think about a new rescue for your pet, try not to make loud noises and sudden movements.