How do you value Family Office Databases?

It is difficult to assess the value of family office databases, so that is the topic we decided to write an article about in order to give you some guidelines using our expertise on how to accomplish this. 

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Family Office - Indian Wealth Management

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Here are some things to be looking for that could significantly alter the value of a database from the FO:

How many distinct FOs are there?

  • Are our wealth management companies that don't explicitly offer FOs still in the mix?
  • When was the last time that the database was added?
  • Who usually purchases this material? Are they investment banks or fund managers? Who are the people it was designed for?
  • Are job titles listed with the name of the contact in your database?
  • How much is currently the percentage of refunds for customers who purchase the database?
  • Are refunds ever made to customers who have not received a refund?
  • Are databases accessible online in Excel or book format? This could significantly alter what is the worth of this resource, making it difficult or more simple to access
  • Which contacts have been included for each unique fo?
  • Who is the company or person who is behind this resource?
  • Does the database contain the investment preferences?
  • Who created the database and what was their background?
  • Does each listing contain the email address, telephone number, as well as fax number information?

If you meet these requirements, you will be able to assess the value of the database more quickly or with greater accuracy.