How Commercial Roofing Contractors Can Help Building Owners

A commercial roofing contractor can stop leaks and repair a building's roof. They also help save tax money. I'll get to it in a moment, as a commercial roofing contractor can have a lot of knowledge about things most people don’t know. 

These new trends in commercial building construction not only are environmentally friendly but can also bring a lot of money back to the owner. Green roofing is a way for commercial roofing contractors to create beautiful retreats atop commercial buildings. 

These gardens are a great way to enjoy the sunshine and make money for commercial property owners.

Some architects have teamed up with commercial roofing contractors to design amazing green roofing spaces on top of commercial buildings. These spaces are designed to absorb the heat from the sun and reflect it into the building's interior, increasing utility costs. 

These spaces are being leased out by commercial building owners to nurseries and biotech companies, increasing their incomes from otherwise wasted space.

The best part is that the Federal Government passed several bills that allow commercial property owners tax credits to retrofit existing buildings with eco-friendly materials or materials that reduce energy costs. 

A commercial roofing contractor will be able to assess the structure of the building and determine the best options. But think about the possibilities!

A commercial roofing contractor can't tell a commercial building owner how much tax credit they can claim, but they can tell them which materials are eligible and what the initial cost will be for green roofing. 

A tax professional is the best person to give advice to commercial building owners about how to qualify. There is a certification requirement and the IRS recommends that all commercial building owners obtain that certificate.