Get Gorgeous Skin with Rezenerate Facials

Your face is important to you because it's the first thing people see when they meet you. You want your skin to be healthy and glowing so you can have the confidence you need every day. The best way to maintain beautiful and healthy skin is with regular professional facial treatments. At Hair & Day Spa Salon, you are proud to offer the latest facial care technology with nanotechnology facial treatments.

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What is Rezenerate ™?

Rezenerate ™ is a new high-tech facial treatment that can only be obtained from professional beauticians. Rezenerate ™ NanoFacial Modality® is a tool developed exclusively for professional beauticians by other professional beauticians to protect skin and achieve extraordinary results.

Who Can Benefit from Rezenerate ™ Facial Treatment?

Rezenerate ™ is suitable for all skin types. The beauty of this innovative technology is a special skin-neutral and enhancing product that your professional studio hair beautician uses for your personal skincare needs.

How does Rezenerate feel?

Rezenerate ™ is designed to reduce pain caused by certain cosmetic techniques while achieving extraordinary results. Hence, it is a painless way to enjoy all the benefits of a better professional without discomfort. You can relax and pamper yourself knowing that your treatment will be effective and completely painless.

How does Rezenerate ™ work?

The Rezenerate ™ device makes your facial skin more effective by using nanotechnology to create microscopic channels in the outer layer of skin so serums and other procedures can penetrate and work better. It works by creating millions of these channels using painless, non-invasive techniques. You will see a big difference in your skin when Rezenerate ™ is combined with a procedure that is tailored to your skin's needs.