Gas Heater Service and Safety – Straight Talk

Gas heaters should be installed by professionals and maintained regularly. Hazardous heating can cause a fire or contaminate your home with harmful toxins such as high levels of carbon monoxide. You can also find the best outside gas heater via

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Regular maintenance of your heater and its use according to the manufacturer's instructions ensures safe and economical operation.

How often should the heater be serviced?

It is recommended that the gas heater be serviced by a professional every two years. It is also recommended to do this before winter and intensive use of heating. Some manufacturers offer more frequent service, so check your device manual.

For those with duct heating systems, consult the manual or contact the product manufacturer to determine if special duct cleaning is required.

If your heater shows any of the following signs of a problem, you should immediately contact a professional to have the heater repaired.

  • The wall next to the heater is getting too hot to touch comfortably
  • Signs of discoloration on walls or heating panels from excessive heat
  • Heating flame is very soot, smoky or yellowish
  • The control light goes out frequently. Or make a loud noise in the light
  • There is a gas smell in the room and/or building.

These are the some situations when you really need to consult a professional to repair you heater.