Finding the Right Marketing Consultant for Your Business

When it comes to marketing your business is easy to become fixated on creating the perfect ad campaign or marketing materials. 

Ensuring that your marketing materials do not only create a great visual impact but you are smart commercially in your marketing efforts is the only way you're really going to see the results.

To share some examples from my own experience:

Consulting clients in the B2B

While some opportunities will be worth the effort, we took a slightly different approach this year. Clients based in Melbourne and we are focused on opportunities in Melbourne. You can hire consulting firms in Toronto via     

Celebrity B2C clients in the hospitality business-

I worked with a client who held a high-profile event as part of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival. I suggest to the client that as part of the MC closing comments, that the MC said to the audience that if they loved the experience, they may want to return or arrange a gift voucher for a close friend or family member. This is a valuable opportunity for the client to increase sales and not an obvious thing to do (from the perspective of the client).

No matter how impressive advertising campaign, website or marketing material, without the business-oriented approach it could all end up being pointless. Finding a smart commercial marketing consultant and is always looking for new and creative opportunities can be boost your business needs to succeed with marketing.