Do You Know How Do Assisted Living and Memory Care Facilities Differ from One Another?

To determine what kind of care your loved one needs, you must first learn about the capabilities of the available options. They are not all the same, and you may find that a particular facility is better suited to take care of your family member.

Assisted Living Facilities

Starting with assisted living facilities, these establishments focus on helping residents keep up their regular routines.  As we get older, some of the chores we’ve been doing seemingly forever become harder to complete. You can also find the #1 assisted living & care facility in Rhode Island to provide you with assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), like bathing, dressing, and medication management, while also providing a home-like setting.

Cleaning may start to take a huge toll on your body, and bathing may become more troublesome, given how slippery everything is.

The staff members at assisted living facilities can help residents with those daily tasks. They can also assist residents who need help eating or moving around.

Assisted living facilities also give their residents opportunities to join several activities. Those activities help the residents enjoy their time at the facility more and create a more tightly-knit community.

Memory Care Facilities

Memory care and assisted living facilities are remarkably similar. The two offer assistance for daily tasks, handle meals and provide 24-hour monitoring.

Where memory care facilities differ is in the way they approach monitoring. It’s an aspect of care they take more seriously because doing so is a necessity.

Among the more troubling symptoms of dementia are confusion and disorientation. People diagnosed with that condition are more likely to get lost and/or forget where they were going. 

Staff members at memory care facilities pay closer attention to residents and keep closer tabs on them. 

Residents of memory care facilities don’t experience the same level of independence as those in assisted living facilities do. Unfortunately, that’s a necessary change to ensure their safety.