Digital Printing – Know What Makes It Different than Offset Printing

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The name clearly says it all. In the digital printing approach, a digital image is transferred directly to the material using a printer. A major advantage over offset printing is it eliminates the need of creating and using separate image plates. Plus, you can also get fewer volume runs printed without spending too much.

Besides, there are other benefits of digital printing such as faster turnaround times and variable data printing facilities.

The Process of Digital Printing

In this approach, laser and inkjet printers are used. Here, the printer picks the layers of inks from the toner (cartridge) and transfers them directly to the material fed for printing. While the process is almost immediate, the ink doesn’t bleed as it does with the traditional offset approach.

A heating process is used with a fused fluid to apply the ink to the paper (or material). Next, UV curing on top helps prevent any smearing. This is an ideal approach for those who are just starting with their business and don’t need too much collateral printed. With digital printing, you can get a lower volume printed at an affordable cost and less time.

However, simpler, faster, and affordable digital printing do have some limitations. But the advancement of machines and technology is slowly bridging the gap between offset and digital techniques making the latter more feasible. You can check varieties of papers, print quality, turnaround times, and minimum volumes allowed with printers in Cleveland, QLD. But before ordering a print, make sure you consult about the colour and material choice for the best results.