Choose Restorative Dentistry to Restore Oral Functioning

With the evolution of medical sciences, a lot of disciplines of dentistry have also come into the picture, among which restorative dentistry is a popular name. It is the integrated management of the oral health problem and helps in restoring the mouth to a functional state.

In restorative dentistry, there are a number of options available to be chosen by the patients or advised by the dentists. It will be beneficial to understand these options in order to get the best results from restorative dentistry procedures.

Let's understand some options for restorative dentistry:

1. Fillings with a Material

The most common method of treatment in restorative dentistry is to remove the decay and fill the tooth with one of the many different materials. A single office visit is sufficient for this procedure of restorative dentistry. Dentists working on your teeth can select from a variety of filing options that are based on the type and location of the filling.

2. Crowns

A tooth-shaped cap is known as a crown, which is placed over a tooth. It is used for strengthening and protecting your tooth structure. The tooth is prepared, and the impression is taken by your dentist. Thereafter, the impression is sent to the lab where the specialist prepares the crown.

3. Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the most popular treatments in restorative dentistry. Dental implants are used for supporting one or more false teeth.