Carbon Capture Technology How It Works

What is Carbon Capture Technology?

Carbon capture technology is the process of capturing the carbon- dioxide at its emission source, then transporting it to the actual storage position. This technology helps the environment from harmful emissions and reduces carbon footprint. This means carbon capture technology helps to block excess CO2 from entering the atmosphere. There are various companies that are working on this technology, Dastur energy is one among them. DE optimizes the design of integrated clean energy systems for superior long-term techno-economic performance that include emerging energy systems like blue and white hydrogen production, multi-feed gasifier complexes, methanol ecosystems, industrial carbon capture systems, waste gas conditioning, and use, clean baseload power, clean chemicals, and clean materials. You can get more knowledge about this carbon capture technology company via

Here are the steps, how carbon capture technology works:

  • The first step is, carbon is captured from the air, emitted by the various industries and power plants.
  • The second step is, carbon is separated from the gases by using separating technologies. It not only scrubs the carbon from the flue gas but also reduces other pollutants like nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxide, and particulates. The removal of the impurities from the captured air is essential, otherwise, it will destroy the pipeline corrosion.
  • In the third step, carbon is now transported to the storage location through the pipelines. It is stored underground or deep in oceans, without releasing to the atmosphere.

Carbon can be converted in the form of gas or solids. The stored carbon can also be used in the oil industry to extract oil, fuel-producing, building materials, etc. Companies are also investing in discovering new ways to reuse the captured carbon.