Business Cash Advance – Four Advantages Over Bank Loan or Line of Credit

Are you in need of instant cash flow for your business? Does the credit crisis slower down your business? Is a low credit rating preventing you from giving your business the needed funds?

Do you want to procure cash quickly, easily, and effectively? Is yes, then the merchant cash advance (MCA) is a solution to all these problems. If you want business cash in advance then you may visit

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Here are the benefits of a merchant cash advance:

1. No credit or guarantee at stake

An MCA has treated as a purchase or sale transaction and not a loan. Thus, it does not affect the credit rating of your business, not like a commercial bank loan that can wreak havoc with your credit report.

2. Easy and Liquid Processing Applications

You can take your MCA application form online. This application does not require tax returns, financial statements, or business plans to go along with documents.

Merchant cash advance providers simply rely on two criteria, the monthly repayment of credit cards and the number of years in business, to evaluate your propriety for a merchant cash advance, and the amount of your cash.

3. Fast Turn-around

Since business cash advance requires very few documents, the application turn-around time is very small and you will be able to see your funds within a week of submitting the application.

4. High-Level Agreement

MCA providers appreciate your business performance. This allows any stable business for procurement funds without any hassles.