A Basic Guide To Guitar Effects

You've probably seen fancy wah pedals in your local music shop. You can quickly change the tone of your voice with a variety of effect pedals. There are many different tone options for different brands and products. Each manufacturer has its own set of effects. And to get more information on guitar pedals read this blog.

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The distortion pedals make your guitar sounds like heavy metal or rock music. The distortion pedal takes the signal from your guitar and, instead of giving it a curving line, it flattens the tops. This sound can also be made if your amp has gain control. You can make the signal more distorted by turning down the amp and increasing the gain.

Wah Pedals

The wah pedal is a popular pedal that can be used in any type of music. The wah pedal can be thought of as a filter. It can pick out specific tones and won't allow them through. You can adjust the frequency it cancels by simply rocking it back and forth. This effect is very popular in blues and funk metal, and it works well with all kinds of music.

The Effects of General

Although some effects are more popular in certain styles of music than others, you will find them all over the music. You can't use effects too often in music. It will ruin the song. You won't be able to notice the best effects unless you pay attention.